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Stop: they insist on wanting to vaccinate children

Children are not at risk from covid-19

wanting to inject them with untested vaccines is criminal and unnecessary.


Stop : ils s’entêtent à vouloir vacciner les enfants ! – 




For more than a year, pharmaceutical company lobbyists have dreamed of imposing anti-covid-19 vaccination on the entire world population by using vaccine obligations and “vaccinated or socially dead” blackmail.

And for more than a month they have been attacking children [1] while they are not at risk of Covid-19, that they do not transmit it and that there is no evidence that vaccines can be effective and safe for them.

Children are not at risk from Covid-19 and therefore cannot derive any individual benefit from the anti-covid-19 vaccination.

All the series reported [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and all the national and international surveys all confirm that Covid-19 is rare and almost always benign in children, and that they are less at risk of Covid-19 than of seasonal flu.

In France, for a year, Public Health France has recorded only 3 deaths attributed to Covid (all suffering from chronic diseases, cancer or immunodeficiency) out of nearly 8 million children and adolescents under the age of 15 then that the flu kills an average of 8 people each year in this age group.

WHO [9] confirms that children are virtually at risk:

This tiny risk means that no individual benefit can be expected from vaccination in children while post-vaccination complications, sometimes serious, up to death, are reported everywhere in the media.

Children are not vectors for the spread of disease; vaccinating them would not change the course of the epidemic.

All the series reported and all national and international surveys show that children and adolescents are not vectors of transmission and that they are not infected by schoolmates, but usually by parents at home.

More than 20 epidemiological studies in a dozen countries have doggedly sought contamination from children under 15 years of age: none has been able to highlight a single truly convincing example.

The Inserm study [10] is very demonstrative. The child of Contamines was in contact, while he was sick, with 172 people, including 112 students and teachers in three schools and a ski club. He did not infect anyone, not even the two other children of his siblings. And the infection brought from Singapore by an adult remained confined to the occupants of the chalet.

The study by the Institut Pasteur on primary schools in Crépy-en-Valois  [11] involved 1,340 people, including 139 infected (81 adults and 58 children). Among 510 students from six primary schools, they identified three children from three different schools who were infected when schools were still open. None of these three children infected anyone, whether they were other students or adults.

The Coville study [12] , by the Activ group (Clinical and therapeutic infantile association of Val-de-Marne) led by Professor Robert Cohen, vice-president of the French Pediatric Society, involved 600 children from birth at the age of 15 allows the conclusion that: “ without a history of parental Covid, the child has nothing .  »

In the Netherlands, children aged 0 to 17 represent only 1.3% of all patients reported with Covid-19, although they represent 20.7% of the population. Only 0.6% of reported hospitalizations were in children under the age of 18 and there are no cases of children dying from Covid-19. A household study in the Netherlands reported data on 116 children aged 1 to 16 [13] and preliminary results showed that there was no evidence that children under 12 were the first to be infected in the family. .

In Ireland [14] , before the schools were closed, no case of school contamination was detected among the 924 children and 101 adults in contact with six infected (three children, three adults).

In Australia [15]  [16]  9 students and 9 staff infected with SARS-CoV-2 in 15 schools had close contact with a total of 735 students and 128 staff. Only 2 secondary infections were identified, none in adult staff. 1 elementary school student was potentially infected by a staff member.

In Switzerland [17] : out of a total of 4,310 patients with SARS-CoV-2, 40 were under 16 years of age (0.9%). Among the 111 positive family contacts of the children studied, mothers predominated (n = 39), followed by fathers (n = 32), pediatric siblings (n = 23), adult siblings (n = 8) and grandparents (n = 7).

In Finland, a 12-year-old child who went to school during his illness came into contact with 121 people and did not infect any of them.

In Greece  [18] the epidemiological analysis of 23 clusters affecting 109 people (66 adults and 43 children found no case of transmission from a child.

In Singapore [19] , two primary schools and one secondary school found childhood covid-19s. None of the 34 identified primary school contacts tested positive. Of the 77 high school contacts, 8 developed flu-like symptoms, but none of them tested positive.

Of the more than 11,180 articles on the subject of children and Covid-19 listed by PubMed on 4/9/2021 and the 1,794 specifically dedicated to possible transmission by children, none provides proof of transmission from one child to another child or to an adult in the real world [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] .

The only articles which mention this possibility are based on viral load or on models with false assumptions.

Admittedly, children in school can be sick or test positive, but among asymptomatic, it is most often false positives (more than 90%), or old infections that they contracted at home and from which they are cured. . School transmissions are possible, but all those which have been the subject of a serious epidemiological investigation show that they are linked to adult staff.

Since children are innocent of the transmission of the disease, their vaccination, even if it were effective, would do nothing to protect others.

Current vaccines do not prevent disease transmission!

In countries that are champions of vaccination campaigns, transmissions continue and are sometimes even increased.

Thus in the United Arab Emirates the circulation of the virus has been more intense since the vaccination

Same phenomenon in Bahrain:


Same evolution in Chile

The comparison of the evolution of mortalities in confined and highly vaccinated Great Britain and in unconfined and poorly vaccinated Sweden even suggests that vaccination at least transiently worsens transmission and mortality.

This very dubious effectiveness of current vaccines to prevent the transmission of the virus is recognized by the High Authority of Health and was formalized by O. Véran in his recent argument before the Council of State [25] :  » the vaccine does not prevent to transmit the virus to third parties.  »

Even if the children were contagious, their vaccination would therefore be ineffective in protecting others since vaccines are not able to interrupt transmission!

Vaccines are not even experimental in children: they have not even been tested!

In adults, vaccines are experimental since the trials will not be completed before 2023. In children they are not even experimental because until recently the trials excluded those under 16 and the first trial in children was discontinued after an accident before significant inclusion of child guinea pigs.

It is therefore a drug which has not been tested at all in them and which has not received an MA, even conditional, that the vaccinators would like to inject into children who do not need it!

To regain our freedoms, we just need to want it!

The argument of the vaccination of children  »  necessary to regain our freedoms  » agitated by Stéphane Dhersin takes up the classic blackmail of vaccine advocates. This argument is not based on any scientifically established fact but on faked / false mathematical prophecies.

Swedes, Belarusians, Finns, Dutch who have never been confined suffer from lower mortality than ours.

The governor of Texas removed all supposedly health restrictions on March 10 and since then mortality has been declining as it increases in states (Michigan, Minnesota) still subject to social restrictions.

In a short article in the Lancet, Delfraissy [26] and four other members of the Scientific Council declare that we must change health policy, stop using episodic confinements and no longer rely on vaccination to get us out of the crisis. Why don’t we listen to them?

Let us no longer be needlessly afraid. Let us stop killing the psychological balance, health, education and professional future of our young people. our economy.

And do not sacrifice children on false beliefs and models that can only be useful to shareholders of vaccine dealers.

Children are not at risk of Covid-19 and are not vectors of Covid-19. Trying to inject them with untested vaccines is criminal.

Dr Gérard Delépine

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