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Dear European elected representatives,

We, the French citizens, would like to bring to your attention the Open Letter sent on November 5 to the various French Medical, Pharmaceutical, Midwifery and Nursing Councils concerning the HPV vaccination campaign in secondary schools.

Our children are what we value most. Our duty is to protect them from any health scandal.

We refuse to rush to vaccinate our children with a product whose undesirable effects have already been confirmed, for a hypothetical benefit.

Numerous lawsuits are underway, so let’s be wise enough to wait for the verdicts.

We are counting on your support to stop this vaccine madness.

We would be deeply grateful if you would take note of the many points in this Open Letter and take action to protect and help all our children.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Respectfully yours


HPV vaccination with Gardasil 9 Open letter

To the President of the National médical Council (Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins), Doctor François ARNAULT,

To the Vice-Presidents, Drs Marie-Pierre GLAVIANO-CECCALDI, Jean-Marcel MOURGUES, Gilles MUNIER, Jacqueline ROSSANT-LUMBROSO,

to all members of the Departmental, Regional and National Medical Councils (L’Ordre de Médecins),

to the management of the French Health Authority (HAS) Professor Lionel COLLET, and the governance of the regional health agencies (ARS)

to the national and regional pharmacist’s association (Conseil de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens),

to the National and regional midwifery boards (Conseil de l’Ordre des Sage-Femmes National et Départementaux),

to national and regional nursing boards (Conseil de l’Ordre des Infirmiers National et Départementaux),

to all Ministers,

to all elected representatives, MEPs, Senators, MPs, General and Departmental Councillors and Mayors of France.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

As ordinary citizens, we are aware of the undesirable and sometimes serious effects of Gardasil, which have led to lawsuits in several countries. As healthcare professionals concerned with the « primum non nocere » principle, you cannot ignore these adverse effects, despite the fact that over 90% of infections caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) disappear spontaneously, and that mortality from cervical cancer has an annual incidence of 0.006%.1 2

To say nothing or to deny them, as the current Minister of Health and Prevention, Mr. Aurélien Rousseau, is doing for the many victims of anti-Covid vaccines, is to be complicit in the new drama that has already begun.

After the illness of 22 schoolchildren at a school in Morlanwels, Belgium, and other cases reported in Colombia, in France, a schoolboy from Saint-Herblain (44) was in turn hospitalized, the victim of post-injection malaise. The teenager died on October 27, 2023.

On the EudraVigilance website (European database of adverse drug reaction reports) consulted on October 30, 2023, 10,108 adverse reactions were reported, including 58 deaths. 3


More than ever, the health of our children is your responsibility.


The brochures distributed to families by the French Ministry of Health and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute (Institut National du Cancer (INCa)) are silent on the adverse effects of Gardasil 9. They mention only an « excellent safety profile » and claim that « no link between these vaccines and autoimmune diseases has been demonstrated ».

Yet how can we ignore the many healthy young people who have now died (Adriana, Elodie, Marion…) or whose lives have been shattered as a result of previous, already aggressive Gardasil 4 vaccination campaigns?

France’s National agency for drug safety ( Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM)) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are publishing the adverse effects of this product, while the official leaflet sent to secondary schools completely ignores them.

The ANSM, in its recommendations to healthcare professionals, merely warns of anaphylactic shock and specifies that « certain adverse reactions may be serious or unexpected… ». Why not provide parents with full information?


The EMA, in the minutes of the multidisciplinary consultation meetings (RCP) concerning the Gardasil 9 package insert, notes on page 7 numerous and potentially very severe adverse effects: Guillain-Barré syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, thrombocytopenic purpura, etc. The list is long, and only short-term effects are mentioned.

However, it is recognized that a large proportion of the adverse effects of vaccines occur over the long term. 4

Children are our most precious asset: we look after them every day, and demand that families receive appropriate information about an irreversible medical act that requires their free and informed consent.

As claims about doing everything to protect young people are circulating, the suffering in schools has never been greater.

The precautionary principle must prevail: our children must not be exposed to real and proven risks, a fortiori when the risk of cancer attributable to HPV is so low. What’s more, since Pfizer itself has stated that it is unaware of any possible interactions with other vaccines, it seems very unwise to continue administering Gardasil 9 (or other immunizing therapies, whatever the brand or indication) to people injected against Covid without further scientific information.5


Extending vaccination to boys, on the pretext of non-discrimination and protection against transmission, can only multiply these adverse effects.

How can we be confident when the EMA and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leaflets diverge so widely on adverse effects for Gardasil 9 alone? 6-7

The EPI-PHARE organization has recognized in a study an aggravated risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome for this vaccine.

Numerous lawsuits are pending against the manufacturer, including in France. In the United States, a case of narcolepsy has just been recognized, that of young Trey Cobb, aged 14 at the time of the third injection.

The responsibility of the Merck laboratory has been established.

« Cobb’s medical expert successfully argued to the Judge that there is a homology between orexin and certain parts of the Gardasil vaccine, leading to cross-reactions, causing the destruction of orexin-producing neurons » and causing auto-immune narcolepsy with cataplexy, concluding in compensation 8.

We have already witnessed too many health scandals: contaminated blood, growth hormone, H1N1, Distilbene, hepatitis B, Mediator, Depakine, Vioxx… with Gardasil are we once again faced with a new scandal?

At the start of the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign, the health authorities claimed that anti-Covid 19 injections were safe and effective… and ignored the warnings of many…

It is also unacceptable that the many adverse effects associated with Hepatitis B vaccination have not yet been reported.


It’s time to stop this campaign

We urge you, in the name of the precautionary principle and respect for families’ freedom of choice, to widely disseminate fair, clear and appropriate information, rather than using propaganda and harassment.

We must all assume our responsibilities.

In countries that have systematically vaccinated in previous years, a resurgence in cervical cancer has been observed. Added to this is the negligence of people who believe themselves to be protected. In France, where a number of vaccine accidents had led to a low injection rate, there has been no resurgence of these cancers.

In fact, regular screening is the best and least expensive way to protect yourself.

In this regard, we remind you of Article 121-3 of the French Penal Code:


« […]  persons who have not directly caused the damage, but who have created or contributed to creating the situation which allowed the damage to occur, or who have not taken measures to avoid it, are criminally liable if it is established that they have either manifestly and deliberately violated a particular obligation of prudence or safety laid down by law or regulation, or committed a characterized fault which exposed others to a particularly serious risk which they could not have been unaware of. »


and article L1111-2 of the French Public Health Code:

« Every person has the right to be informed about his or her state of health. This information concerns the different investigations, treatments or preventive actions which are proposed, their usefulness, their possible urgency, their consequences, the frequent or serious risks normally foreseeable which they entail, as well as the other possible solutions and the foreseeable consequences in the event of refusal […]. When, after the investigations, treatments or preventive actions have been carried out, new risks are identified, the person concerned must be informed, unless it is impossible to find him or her. All healthcare professionals are responsible for providing this information, within the scope of their competence and in compliance with the professional rules applicable to them. Only in cases of urgency or impossibility of providing information may they be exempted.


It is your duty to report the adverse effects of Gardasil 9.

Failure to do so is tantamount to accepting misinformation by omission about side effects

and to be guilty by complicity.

The right or duty of reserve ceases to be legitimate when children’s health is at stake.

We appeal to you, guardians of ethics and good practice, not to condone the current scandal.

Open debate is essential, and a moratorium is urgently needed.

With the hope of finally being heard.



 AIMSIB – Alliance Citoyens Libres – Alliances Citoyennes 79 – Antenne Reinfo 01/Pays de Gex – Association NEC MERGITUR 17 – Association SOS Libertés – Basic 37 – BOL D’AIR –

Collectif des Syndicats et Associations Professionnels Européens – Collectif Liberté 07 –

Collectif Saintais – Collectif santé 44 – Collectif Santé Mauges – Collectif Soignants Résistants 85 – Comité de Soutien aux Parents en Presqu’île de Crozon – Corse Humanis – Corse Unis – Eveil Citoyen 47 – l’Ordre Universel des Praticiens de Santé – Les Masques Blancs – Liberté 78 – SOS Objectif Santé – Ligue pour la Liberté Vaccinale – Nopass 24 – Police Pour La Vérité – Reinfo les Collectifs –

Pour la Liberté de Choix 01/Reinfo Bourg 01 – Reinfocitoyens 91 – Reinfo Paris – Reinfo 49 – REVAV – Sport Sur Ordonnance Carcassonne – STOPALAMASQUARADE 44 – UNIC 67 – VERITY France












response from DR C Siret

Subject: Gardasil vaccination

Dear Sir/Madam

Paris, November 10, 2023


We have taken note of your email in which you wish to draw the attention of our Institution and the national authorities to the risks of serious side effects linked to HPV vaccination.


In several countries, HPV vaccination has made it possible to practically eradicate cervical cancer in women (e.g. Australia)


The benefit/risk ratio of HPV vaccination has been confirmed by the French National Authority for Health (HAS), and it is now up to the French National Agency for Medicinal Products (ANSM) to establish the causal link between these side effects and serious adverse events attributed to the Gardasil vaccine.


In view of these statistical and scientific results, which demonstrate real public health progress in the prevention of a serious disease such as cancer, the National Medical Association (le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins) supports this vaccination which truly benefits the population it is aimed at.


The organization of this vaccination campaign is the sole responsibility of the French Ministries of Health and Education, whose priority is to protect French citizens from extremely serious diseases.

Yours sincerely

Doctor Claire SIRET






Open letter to Dr Claire Siret, President of the Public Health Section of the French Medical Association (Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins)   from DR G DELEPINE


November 12, 2023

My dear colleague,

I am surprised by the terms of your letter of November 10, 2023 addressed to concerned citizens, and truly astounded by your belief in « the near-eradication of cervical cancer in many countries (e.g. Australia)”, which testifies to your unawareness of the official AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) data on cervical cancer in Australia. I would therefore like to send you the official data which you will see completely contradicts your belief in the anti-cancer efficacy of Gardasil.


If you type in « », you can check that in 2022, the estimated number of invasive cervical cancers reached 942, which is a long way from the « near-eradication » claimed, as attested by this screenshot:

This figure corresponds to a 30% increase since the introduction of Gardasil (in 2007, only 727 cervical cancers were reported).


You can also check that the standardized incidence of cervical cancer (which eliminates the influences of Australian demographics) has not decreased since 2006, when school vaccination was introduced, and that this incidence has stabilized above 7/100,000 since Gardasil vaccination.




In France, where vaccination coverage is low, the worldwide standardized incidence of invasive cervical cancer is, according to Santé Publique France, less than 6/100,000 – and fits into the WHO’s definition of a rare disease.


I don’t doubt your good faith, which has obviously been misled by the fallacious press releases from INCA (the national cancer institute) and HAS (the health authorities) that you quote, but the medical and scientific approach requires us all to always analyze the opinions submitted to us and verify the raw, indisputable data.


This increase in the incidence of cervical cancer since the introduction of Gardasil has been observed in all countries where school vaccination has been introduced, and particularly among women aged 25-34 by 2022, the age group most likely to be vaccinated for cervical cancer.


This is also true in Great Britain (you can check this by typing in:




But also in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Finland and Sweden), where the incidence of invasive cervical cancer has been rising in the most-vaccinated age group (25-34 year-olds) since the school vaccination campaigns, as you can check by typing in:




It’s extremely sad to see INCa and HAS denying established facts and thus misleading the many doctors who put their trust in them, like yourself.


In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the statement « Australia is on the way to eradicating cervical cancer » is blatant fake news and, I fear,  may undermine your credibility.


I am, of course, entirely at your disposal to provide any clarification you may require on the paradoxical results of this vaccination, which is effective against infection and benign dysplasia, but not against invasive cancers, as explained in our recent book:


Yours sincerely


Dr Gérard Delépine Cancer surgeon and statistician


Appendix: Dr Claire Siret’s response letter to citizens’ groups









Par le DR G Delépine



Combien faudra-t-il de morts pour stopper la vaccination Gardasil ?


La mort dramatique d’un collégien à Nantes lors d’une vaccination Gardasil rappelle qu’aucun traitement ni aucune vaccination n’est dénuée de risque. La seule justification d’un traitement réside dans les bénéfices qu’il peut apporter. Or le collégien de Nantes est mort pour une vaccination contre les papillomavirus qui ne pouvait lui apporter aucun bénéfice personnel, ni non plus protéger les autres !


La quasi-totalité des germes que nous hébergeons nous sont utiles !

Il ne faut pas avoir un rapport hygiéniste hystérique avec les germes. Nous sommes tous en permanence porteurs de centaines de milliards de germes (virus et bactéries) avec lesquels nous vivons en parfaite harmonie.

Le microbiote intestinal, le plus « peuplé » d’entre eux, abrite 1012 (mille milliards) à 1014 (cent mille milliards) de micro-organismes qui assurent la fermentation des substrats et des résidus alimentaires non digestibles, facilitent l’assimilation des nutriments grâce à un ensemble d’enzymes dont les cellules humaines sont dépourvues et l’hydrolyse de l’amidon, de la cellulose, des polysaccharides…

Ils participent aussi à la synthèse de certaines vitamines et à celle d’acides aminés essentiels et régulent l’absorption des acides gras, du calcium, du magnésium[1]…et jouent un rôle important dans la lutte contre les infections[2].

Le microbiote cutané héberge en moyenne mille milliards de bactéries (soit 50 millions par cm2 de peau) de plus de 500 espèces différentes[3][4] mais aussi des champignons (comme les candida albicans) et des même des acariens.

Le microbiote vaginal comprend  un ensemble de micro-organismes (dont les lactobacilles de Döderlein) qui varient en fonction du mode de vie et des changements hormonaux, et forment un biofilm protecteur sur la muqueuse.

La flore buccale comporte de nombreuses variétés de bactéries et de champignons qui se nourrissent de sucres et des restes d’aliments présents dans la bouche et constituent le biofilm buccal indispensable au bon fonctionnement de la bouche par le maintien des dents et des gencives en bonne santé en luttant contre les nombreux germes pathogènes, et en participant à la prédigestion des aliments.

Les milliards de bactéries et virus qui nous contaminent en permanence sont dans leur quasi-totalité des germes saprophytes avec lesquels nous nouons un partenariat gagnant- gagnant. Modifier ces flores expose à des complications. La guerre contre les germes ne se justifie que contre les germes pathogènes, ceux qui sont responsables de maladie.


Héberger un papillomavirus ne rend pas malade !

Les papillomavirus comptent plus de cent espèces susceptibles de contaminer l’homme, mais elles se comportent dans la quasi-totalité des cas comme des saprophytes. La contamination HPV se produit par contact cutané[5] sexuel, ou non. Elle concerne près de 80% de la population adulte. Elle n’entraine habituellement aucun signe clinique [6] et l’organisme s’en débarrasse naturellement en 9 à 18 mois en acquérant une immunité solide contre la souche concernée (mais laissant le terrain disponible pour les autres souches).

Une maladie se définit par les troubles qu’elle engendre; la contamination par les HPV est asymptomatique et ne constitue donc pas une maladie. La chasse aux HPV n’est donc pas médicalement justifiée d’autant que le ralentissement de leur propagation ou leur éradication parfois cités comme but de la vaccination Gardasil (comme au début de la vaccination covid) sont totalement irréalisables car les HPV comportent trop de nombreuses souches et disposent de plus de réservoirs animaliers.


Les HPV sont accusés d’être responsables de cancer sans preuve formelle

L’origine des cancers est le plus souvent multifactorielle et les cancers présentés comme ceux du HPV n’échappent pas à la règle. Depuis la mise au point de vaccins contre les HPV certaines souches ont été déclarées uniques responsables de nombreux cancers sans qu’aucune preuve formelle de la responsabilité du virus n’ait été apportée. Il existe certes une relation statistique entre la présence de HPV et un surrisque de cancer du col, mais de semblables corrélations statistiques sont également démontrées avec de nombreux autres facteurs : précocité des premiers rapports sexuels, nombre de partenaires, nombre de rapports, fréquence d’infections génitales (à HPV mais aussi herpès, chlamydias), Sida, tabagisme, nombre de grossesse menées à terme… Tous ces facteurs étant de plus corrélés entre eux. La considérable disproportion entre les très fortes  incidences des infections  HPV (70-80%) et l’extrême rareté des cancers du col (0,006%) ne plaide d’ailleurs pas pour un rôle étiologique majeur des premiers. Les HPV pourraient en réalité n’être que les témoins d’une activité sexuelle intense, vraie cause du cancer du col de l’utérus du fait des microtraumatismes et des inflammations récidivantes qu’elle entraîne.

Pour les cancers du canal anal, le rôle des HPV est encore plus incertain car les facteurs les plus étroitement liés à sa survenue sont les rapports anaux passifs et le sida. Certes on retrouve aussi des antécédents de HPV chez les malades de cancer anal,  mais guère plus que chez 70% des hommes hétérosexuels indemnes du sida qui ne souffriront jamais de cancer de l’anus.

Mais la mise en cause du HPV en fait le coupable idéal, tant il est rentable pour les actionnaires …


Le Gardasil ne protège pas des cancers du col de l’utérus

Si les HPV ne suffisent pas à créer des cancers il est logique que la vaccination Gardasil soit incapable d’en diminuer l’incidence ( fréquence annuelle de nouveaux cas pour 100000 femmes). Et c’est que montrent les registres des cancers des pays apôtres de cette vaccination démentant ainsi la propagande permanente qui prétend que le Gardasil protègerait « des cancers du HPV ».

Le registre australien des cancers objective une augmentation d’incidence des cancers du col de l’utérus depuis la vaccination par Gardasil  :

En Grande-Bretagne :


En Norvège l’incidence des cancers du col augmente chez les plus vaccinées :



En Finlande l’incidence des cancers du col augmente chez les plus vaccinées :





Le Gardasil ne protège pas non plus des cancers du canal anal

Pour doubler le marché du Gardasil, les complices des laboratoires font tout pour l’imposer aux garçons en effrayant les parents avec les cancers de l’anus et en prétendant que la vaccination permettrait d’éradiquer les HPV comme ils l’ont affirmé pour le covid19..

Mais la consultation des registres nationaux du cancer montre une augmentation d’incidence des cancers de l’anus depuis la vaccination par Gardasil chez les filles dans tous les pays qui ont instauré une vaccination scolaire.

Comme en Australie où l’incidence du cancer anal a davantage augmenté chez les filles que chez les garçons non vaccinés :

Comme en Grande-Bretagne :


Mais aussi dans les pays scandinaves :




Contrairement aux affirmations des médias et de nos autorités sanitaires les registres des cancers montrent que dans tous les pays qui l’ont instauré, la vaccination Gardasil se révèle incapable de diminuer l’incidence des cancers dont on accuse les HPV et est même suivie d’une augmentation !


Ce malheureux collégien est bien mort de la vaccination Gardasil

L’ARS qui multiplie les appels à la vaccination tente de la disculper en accusant

« un malaise vagal sans lien avec le produit vaccinal ou à un défaut de qualité du vaccin. » en ne rappelant pas que ce malaise a été la conséquence de la vaccination Gardasil.

Les faits sont indiscutables : si ce collégien n’avait pas été vacciné, il serait toujours vivant.

Cette mort après Gardasil n’est pas unique : fin décembre 2019, aux USA qui l’ont beaucoup plus pratiqué,  le VAERS (système de déclarations des complications post vaccinales) recensait 523 décès post Gardasil.






La vaccination Gardasil est de plus suivie d’une quantité d’effets secondaires recensées par le VAERS et qui ont motivé des plaintes en justice et des manifestations dans de nombreux pays

Ces manifestations contre le Gardasil et ses nombreuses actions en justice témoignent de la fréquence et de la gravité des complications de cette vaccination.





 Pour protéger nos enfants il faut stopper cette vaccination dangereuse et inefficace contre le cancer [7]




[1] Inserm Microbiote intestinal (flore intestinale)


[3] Kenneth Todar, « The Normal Bacterial Flora of Humans » Todar’s Online Textbook of Bacteriology

[4]Dunyach-Remy C, Sotto A & Lavigne J.P (2015) Le microbiote cutané: étude de la diversité microbienne et de son rôle dans la pathogénicité. [archive] Revue Francophone des Laboratoires, 2015(469), 51-58.

[5] De nombreuses études rapportent des cas de vierges contaminées.

[6] A l’exception des souches 6 et 11 susceptibles de créer des verrues génitales (condylomes)